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APPA MATKUSTAA: ”We want to experience luxury for an affordable price.”

  • over 16,000 users / month
  • pageviews over 33,000 / month
  • belongs to the rare group of senior bloggers
  • likes luxury but wants to travel cheaply
  • loves to travel all over the world
  • especially likes to walk barefoot on the beach and peaceful vacations
  • an average of 9 international trips per year over the last 20 years


Asko Leppilampi, Lahti, tel. +358408322552

e-mail: asko@leppilampi.com


We are a retired couple Asko and Marjatta Leppilampi from Lahti, Finland. To date,  we have seen about 80 countries and the journey continues. It can be said that especially Asko (= appa) has a passion for traveling.

I seem to belong to a very few representatives of the senior bloggers in Finland. My readers are eager to travel and my blog is spreading fast, not only from mouth to mouth but also via social media and Google. I get very positive feedback from my easy to understand travel stories and people often ask a lot more after reading my stories.

These travel diaries on www.appamatkustaa.fi are primarily made for our own needs, which are conveyed by their content. I still believe and hope that our readers will get ideas for planning their trips.

Readership (by Google Analytics)

(Please note that the figures  They fell sharply after the start of the coronavirus, but are now againare from before the corona. reaching that level.)

I started blogging in early 2017. Based on the strong increase in readers, it seems that my blog has been found well. According to Google Analytics

  • My travel blogs are read more than 33,000 times a month (7.1.2020) , compared to 6,500 in May. 
  • unique readers (unique users) over 16,000 per month.

Blog Target Audience:

On the podium for over one and half years

At the end of 2017, my travel blog www.appamatkustaa.fi was ranked on www.blogit.com -service in the TOP 10 of travel blogs. It has been there in the top 3 travel blogs for over a year and a half and at this moment (15.12.2019) my blog is again number one  From all the Finnish about 6000 blogs statistics I rank 76.

My Page can be found here:


Examples of postings:

I have not done that much commercial cooperation, but I have still written travel stories that have certainly been useful for objects, which I have presented. I know that the first of the examples below, Gran Melia Palacio de Isora in Tenerife, has already attracted many customers from Finland thanks to my post. I received a lot of feedback that ”We really need to go there after all that praise”, ”now we have reserved a room from hotel xxx”, etc.

Below are a few examples of more than 300 travel stories, many of which are hotel presentations. Initially, I did them mainly for ourselves, but based on the feedback I received from readers, I also began to write them for the readers. Please note that my blogging on hotels is not done in partnership with the hotel but on ”love for the writing”.

Onko Gran Melia Palacio de Isora Teneriffan paras hotelli?

Hilton Tallinn Park – miellyttävä kokemus!

I did this in collaboration with Kristina Cruises:

Kristina Cruisesin jokilaivaristeily Tonavalla oli huippukokemus

This opens up all my collaborative articles I’ve done with Kristina Cruises:

Kristina Cruises Archives – Appamatkustaa

I have also been a brand ambassador for the Holiday Club for over 2 years. I have 34 posts from that collaboration.

Holiday Club Archives – Appamatkustaa

This cooperation ended in spring 2022 due to the Holiday Club’s strategy. They do not want to cooperate for more than 2 years with the same operator.

Appa matkustaa on social media

I’m starting to explore social media through other channels. I have a separate Facebook page that currently has  >1000 likes.

Facebook ”Appa matkustaa”

I also created an instasgram account and am learning to become familiar with it. It currently has 894 followers, but the number is growing steadily. I admit that I’m not yet in control of its use, but I’m learning little by little.

Instagram ”Appa matkustaa”

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