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A good place to stay in Fuengirola is Leonardo Hotel Fuengirola Costa Del Sol

If you are going to the Costa del Sol and wondering where to stay, we can now tell you from deep experience that a good place to stay in Fuengirola is Leonardo Hotel Fuengirola Costa Del Sol. We stayed there for 4 nights and would have liked to have stayed longer if time had allowed.

(Partial collaboration with Leonardo Hotel Fuengirola Costa Del Sol.)

We made a traditional visit to the Travel Fair in January and focused particularly on the fair’s partner country, Spain, because we were going to the Costa del Sol, once again. We toured the country stand looking for interesting accommodation options and places to visit. We met, for example, the sales and marketing director of the Leonardo Hotels chain, previously unknown to us. After a short acquaintance and discussions, we agreed on small-scale cooperation with the hotel chain, and you can read about its outcomes in this article.

It was a daily morning ritual at this hotel, watching the beauty of the morning sun rising. Wow!

We spent pleasant days on the top floors of Leonardo Hotel Fuengirola Costa Del Sol with excellent views of the marina and the sea. Sunrises were moments you didn’t want to miss.

So beautiful is the country!

I’m sure you’d like it too!

If you decide to choose this hotel, pay a little extra for a room with sea views and preferably as high as possible. We were lucky, because we were first on the 11th floor and the extra nights on the 12th floor, i.e., at the top, and we were able to watch this kind of view.

Leonardo Hotel Fuengirola Costa Del Sol enjoys a privileged location in Fuengirola

Leonardo Hotel Fuengirola Costa Del Sol’s prime location is an absolute advantage. It is a short walk to the sandy beach and about half a kilometer to the bus and train station. There are dozens of restaurants within a short distance, shops cater to your needs, and the promenade offers an easy and pleasant walk to nearby villages or the extensive beaches.

The real magnet for the audience is the marketplace, located less than a kilometer away, which attracts a large crowd every Tuesday to sell and buy a wide variety of products. When there are 2-3 merchants in the corridor for almost a kilometer, mapping the area is already some kind of fitness performance.

The same phenomenon is repeated every Saturday when there is a particularly interesting flea market in the area. We also indulged in some shopping, as we wanted to celebrate a great hotel choice and our first nights in Fuengirola with sparkling, so we had to find the right glasses for the occasion. They were found at the flea market for a staggering 1 € each

Not too bad! Cheers and a sip!

And if I’m being honest, the main reason we bought the glasses was to celebrate with Maisa, my aunt, and her husband Late, who, like thousands of other Finns, were vacationing in Fuengirola, 500 m from our hotel. We wanted to cheer specifically with them. Yes, it was a fine occasion for us South Ostrobothnians!

The hotel room was perfect for us

The hotel room suited us perfectly, especially as we had been allocated a room with a sea view, just as we had wished. Here’s a photo slideshow of the room and the view from it.

This view became familiar to us.

The elegant décor of the room impressed us. Everything necessary plus a coffee/tea maker, a lockable free safe, and free wifi were provided for the residents.

We really felt welcome to receive such a surprise.

Yes, it was okay to stay in such a newly renovated room. Hopefully we will come back someday.

Stylish public spaces attract the eye

As soon as you enter the hotel, you notice that you have come to a stylish place. The moderate color scheme and high-quality furniture attract eye.

Not only is the reception lobby stylish, but the receptionists also deserve praise for being good, friendly customer service representatives. Special thanks to them!
From the hotel’s corridor and scenic lift, you can see the Mijas Mountains.

From the hotel’s corridor and scenic lift, you can see the Mijas Mountains.

The information boards in the lifts said the essentials.

We didn’t experience the spa this time.

A pleasant restaurant crowns the whole

Although the room(s) and its condition are the most important selection criteria, at least for us, when choosing a hotel, we also pay attention to its restaurant selection, especially breakfast. This time we also wanted to try dinner at Leonardo Hotel Fuengirola Costa Del Sol. How it worked can be found out here:

With the experience of hundreds of hotels, we have concluded that a sparkling breakfast is a sign that a certain level has been reached

We also appreciate the variety of fruits…

Not forgetting a good selection of lettuce and root vegetables.

Luckily, you don’t have to (or have the energy) to taste the selection on the dessert table for dinner.

I notice that I hadn’t taken a postable photo from the hot food side, but luckily I snapped a video clip from there.

Summa summarum

Our stay at Leonardo Hotel Fuengirola Costa Del Sol was successful and we can recommend it as a place to stay for those going to Fuengirola. The value for money is definitely on point and we think we will return to that hotel someday.

If you are looking for something to develop, in our experience, the chefs were too careful when seasoning hot dishes. We wish you more courage to add flavors, thank you!

Thank you so much for a great experience!

If you are excited about the hotel or are already going to the Malaga region, here are some instructions/tips for travelling: (Sorry if you have to use a translator to read it.)

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